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Portuguese olive oil is internationally recognized today for its superior quality and its distinctive character. The soil peculiarities and the excellent climate of our country, combined with the technological upgrades in the production and distribution of olive oil, reinforce its growing competitiveness on the domestic and foreign markets.

Santarém Olive Oil has a very special flavour and aroma, due to a unique blend of Portuguese olives, predominantly the Galega variety, but also the Cordovil an Verdeal, produced in the most important Portuguese regions (Ribatejo, Trás-os-Montes e Alentejo), resulting in a wide range of olive oils having a maximum acidity of 0,5%, 0%7 and 1%.

Intensely fruity with notes of green grass, gently spicy
and ending with good persistence on the palate.


Well structured in the mouth, with a balanced mix of bitter and spicy,
highlighting the scents of almond and apple.

Strong prevalence of the Galega olive features, praising
the exclusive Portuguese tradition and flavor.


The biological fermentation of white wine, with its natural acidity, translates into a fresh touch for any seasoning.



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