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MManuel Rodrigues, Sérgio Rodrigues and Fernando Costa  

Santarém Olive Oil is a brand of Fernando Seco Sucrs., Lda., whose principal activity is the trade of portuguese products: Olive Oil, Vinegar and Cooking Oil.

Headquartered in Torres Vedras, our company is proud of its family background and 80 years of history, but above all, is focused in tackling the difficult but exciting current challenges in domestic and foreign markets, believing strongly in the potential and added value that olive oil and similar products represent to the Portuguese economy.

Inox steel tanks for olive oil and cooking oil storage  

The constant investment in our internal resources and machinery, in response to the demand of our domestic and international customers, drove our sustained growth strategy over the years.
Today, the focus is in both our team and infrastructure, using highly specialized equipment, fulfilling the highest standards and quality control criteria in different phases: Handling, Storage, Filling, Capping and Labelling, which in turn is reflected in the characteristics and excellence of our products.

Integrated equipment for metal cans



We have a wide number of different types of packaging in various formats (25cl, 50cl, 100cl, 300cl, 500cl), plastic and glass bottles, and metal cans (a solution most sought by the export markets).

Our responsiveness in meeting and managing orders allow us to consolidate the confidence and the important sense of commitment that we keep permanently with our customers

If you are looking for quality at reasonable prices, do not hesitate to contact us.


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